Little Buddha, Big Canadian

Saturday, May 28th, 2016
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
c/o The Road to India: Chapter 5, Lonely Rishikesh

Little Buddha, Big Canadian

A café with Tibetan ambiance,
Flags in the air to welcome home all,
Whispering, with elegance,
Over looking the holy Ganges River.

Kinley’s soda water + lemon,
With fatigue + heat exhaustion.
Sleep was thieved by moments of musical memories.
Sleep can wait for days that have less merit than these.

The music of Tibet, in a Hindu’s shrine,
Oh lonley, lonely, little Rishikesh.

Locals touring their own country,
I hear their Celebratory cheers,
Rafting down the holy river,
Gifted from the Himalayas.

I am unaware of where I truly am.
A walking meditation. A dream.
You take it in, all of it. Absorb.
But don’t let it seduce.

“You are a guest, this is not home.” Such a saddening thought. 

Music, Music, Music.
Calls to me.
Speaks for my father.
Speaks for all I want.

I am awake in this dream.
With open eyes and open heart.
A big Canadian, in a Little Buddha Café.


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