It is okay to be sad.
It is okay to let tears fall.
It is okay to feel that you’ve hit your limit.

It is not okay to ignore these feelings.
Doing so is creating an explosive reaction waiting to violently lash out.
– You know this already, but knowing and doing are two different routes.

In this moment, the most important thing you can do is to acknowledge what you feel, and to extend the same warmth to yourself as you would someone you love. “It’s okay, it’s okay to feel sad. Let the tears fall. It’s okay. It really is okay.”

Do what you need to do.
You deserve your full compassion.

When you feel ready to learn how to tame the mind, and the thoughts that cause emotions to flare up, bring yourself to your present moment, whatever it may be.

Maybe you lay down on your back and rest your palms on to your body – one hand on your belly, feeling each rise and fall of your breath – the other hand on your heart, softly placed, encouraging feelings of warmth and compassion to a sad heart.

Can you muster up the curiosity to go outside and explore? Maybe bringing a camera or a notebook with you to document the snapshots your eyes take in? Finding ways to bring your focus and concentration to the sounds, the smells, the sensations you feel in the outdoors.

Do what you need to do.

There really is no wrong way to feel your feelings.
The only wrong thing you can do is to deny your feelings.

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