How did you do?

How did you do?
                              This week?
                                                 This month?
                                                                        This year?

Did you take the time to do things that set your soul ablaze?
Did you move through life staying true to your ideals and convictions?
Did you curiously explore out side of your comfort zone, tasting life outside of your self built bubble?

Did you find the courage to sit in the presence of your emotion / your thoughts / your stories and simply be? Surrendering, with strength and ease.

Did you live the life you want?

Let your answers settle, allowing images/ thoughts / stories dissipate.
There is no truth to the past, as each memory is now an illusion from biased eyes.

 If you are blessed enough, you may have tomorrow.
Perhaps even a week..
                                    A Month..
                                                      Maybe even a year..


And perhaps,
                       maybe you don’t.


So right here, right now,
in each moment you are gifted,
wake the hell up.

 Allow yourself to begin asking, “Is this what I want? Is this the person I want to be? Is this the life I want?”

 Ask the questions you need to ask.

Watch each answer dissolve, perhaps visualizing that the answers arising are settling into your being, you do not have to grip – you can allow it to be easy, you know.

You are alive, you have the gift of choosing the life you want and the strength to surrender when need be. Make the decision – choose “Yes” to the life you want.

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