Exploration to the Sea

Wreck Beach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am (PDT/ pacific daylight time) with a full toned desire to find a nice sandy beach and unroll my yoga mat for a morning practice. The excitement was met with caution – when I travel alone, I play it safe. Now, would there actually be dangers and/or creepers out at 4:30 am on a Sunday morning at a public beach? I don’t know! Nor do I really enjoy to find out. Unable to go back to sleep, I become lost in the abyss of my phone mapping out how to get there. By 6:40 am, I can’t take it any longer, I need to go. NOW.

Dressing to match the uninspired skies outside, I quickly changed into black thermal pants, black racer back tank top and a navy blue caribbean. I woke up with my blonde locks emitting free spirited beach waves that gently graze above my shoulders, so I just my hair be, only bringing a couple hair pins just in case. For better or worse, (it ended up being for the worse..) I roll up my newly purchased Bmat yoga mat nice and snug, packing also my camera, journal, sunblock and sunglasses. I’m off to find the ocean.

The best travel companion is google maps. The worst travel companion is a phone that doesn’t hold a charged battery. I trust my navigating skills to know if I can have just enough battery life to find my destination, getting home is a breeze. I leave the UBC grounds, and wander down Vancouver’s NW Marine Drive. I know the only thing separating me from the glorious ocean waves is this thick “jungle” like forest. I find a lonely path into the haze of lush green, and find what seems to be an endless journey of stairs going down. I can already feel dread in knowing this staircase will be waiting for me when it’s time to go.

The air continues to get heavier and the rhythmic ocean waves volume begins to crescendo. When I catch my first glimpse, I am almost knocked off my feet in a childlike excitement. I’ve always been inspired by the ocean; it’s only fitting that I was born into the astrological sign Pisces. I savour this moment, know this too, shall pass.

 Life truly is beautiful. 


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