To yin yoga school!

West Coast Runaway
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

4 am.
I am awake.
I crave more time but lack the length of a full REM cycle.
I need to be at Sempervia Yoga Studio’s Sea Side Studio by 6:30 am to register for my 7 day course for yin yoga.
Starting the day, I pack light. This translates to pocket size digital camera, a book, my journal and my laptop. I venture down Agricultural road on UBC campus to meet the #84 bus. “Tomorrow – ditch the laptop,” I decide.

6:30 am.
Calm and grounded,
    moving with ease.
To Granville Island,
    via the 84.

To live in this dream
    is a fair reward.
Surviving the friction
    of aggressive routine. 

Having retraced my steps from yesterday’s navigation, I am registered, unpacked and nestled in my mat. I feel gentle risings of claustrophobia, as black Lululemon studio mats have all been pre-placed too close for my comfort. “Just breathe,” I remind myself.

My instructor, Bernie Clark, is much taller than I imagined him to be. He is equipped with pin straight posture that does not waiver. I must admit, how surreal it feels to be in his classroom, after studying from his online videos.

We all introduce ourselves, introducing creating a passport of the world.
Students from France, Australia, Sweden, Germany, America, and beyond!
I am stunned by how few Canadians there are here. I feel a sense of gratitude for being in this course with this instructor and these students. How far his reputation has traveled. I look forward to all that I will learn. I know I am exactly where I need to be.




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