Smokey Wandering Soul

“A West Coast Runaway”
Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Whistler Village

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

No agenda and no place to be, just sitting with the haze of being an outsider at Wanderlust yoga festival. (#memybootandi pity party for 1!).

It would be easy to mistake the wind blown smoke from the inlands of B.C. as a morning fog, but there is an instant campfire aroma that fills your nostrils as soon as you step outside. The intensity is deceiving, one would easily imagine the forest fires were burning out side of town. Air quality is on the forefront of our minds. At the current moment, the rating via Government of Canada, Whistler is rated at a very high risk (10+ out of a 10 rating).

I keep repeating the words “I am grateful” through the day. The power of those 3 words are starting to seep in. I feel much more at peace with being an outsider here. Many great gifts are stemming from this opportunity of having to sit out on the adventure.

On my “to – do” list, for this gloriously smokey Saturday:
1. Look for little knick knacks to bring home to my loved ones
2. Go to the bank and buy some bling! (ok, to get some change so I can hop on the transit bus to Lost Lake without the dance of trying to find change!)
3. Kula Market – a little yogi pop up market, courtesy of the whimsical world of Wanderlust
4. Venture off to Lost Lake to explore!

After all was said and done, I knocked off #1-3, but found myself just wanting to linger on the grass in the Olympic Plaza. All is well is the smokey haze of Whistler, all is well.


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