Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
Nisku, Alberta, Canada

I’m not sure if it’s the setting sun, the way the Edmonton International Airport’s feature entertainer is serenading in a pitch perfect acoustic medley, or the way the body walks just a little bit slower and smaller after coming home from a grand adventure.. But I feel overwhelmed by the empty feeling of a jarringly quiet return home.

                                         “The world is so big… I want to go play.” 

Returning home, I choose to remain focused on the positive opportunities that arise with a broken foot and a career that demands my physical body. As my foot heals, I have the time to find so much that blazes my restless soul.
     Maybe I’ll learn a song on guitar? 
           Maybe I’ll learn some Hindi?
                 Maybe I’ll start piecing together the plans of a Southeast Asia exploration? 

              Oh the things you can do, when you can’t do the things you need to do.

The lonely timbre of Purple Rain in a humbly soft rhythm,
The gentle heat lamp warmth of the setting sun.,
Watching the rise and fall of each plain en route,
Feeling the glow of sun flirting with my platinum hair
Shimmering a soft haze of pink and lavender regret.


I check my watch.

I go now, almost missing my flight.
I am enroute home to Grande Prairie.
All is safe and well,
I know this to be true.


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