Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

by Jim McGregor, The Tao of Recovery

I want money, houses, cats, furs, stereos, friends, and … contentment!

I have everything that I need, but I want more. Then I will be secure.

But will I be content?

My inner space is empty, and I have tried so hard to be fulfilled that I am tempted to give up.

It seems that I have treated spiritual fulfillment as I have treated cars, money, and houses. I want it and I am fighting for it.

I have heard that desires cause pain.
I have heard that peace and serenity are already present in me, if I will only allow them to manifest. 

I believe that I will give up the fight and wait for the beautiful gift of contentment. 



Wapiti River + O’Brien Provincial Park
South of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


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