I Dare You to Focus Inward

Social media is loud.
The world is loud.
Loneliness is loud.

It’s so loud.

So loud, that your “groove”, your “essence”, your “it” factor melts fast.
So loud, that you may feel instinct to pull away, retreat and hibernate away.
So loud, that your brain is cramping up from wringing out the external stimuli.
So loud, that perhaps, you reach for a self medicated madness of your choosing.

And you know what –
That is okay.

More than okay, really.

When you find this, experience this, observe this-
I dare you to tackle the world around you by first turning your focus inwards.

I dare you to take off your Boss Man / Babe shoes and walk barefoot on the outside ground.  Can you brave yourself one minute to just observe what you feel as you slowly take one step after another? The sensations arising as your physical body shifts weight into the ground, the movement of grace as weight shifts from heel to toe, the flight of your foot as it takes you one stride farther – I dare you to try to direct your attention to this.

I dare you to go breathe outside. Maybe relaxing deep breaths, cozied up on your deck or perhaps with your back perched on the trunk of a noble tree. Or maybe you feel called to run with the breeze, setting your tempo, saying “fuck it” to the noise of thoughts of “how long you should run/ how many calories you are burning” and just moving because of the sheer curiousity. And, maybe, if you are feeling extra brave, you can take out your headphones and perhaps align your hearing to the sound of your breath. That takes massive strength.

If you want to take back your power, nothing says “I can take care of myself” than building a badass campfire without the coddling of others. Watch your thoughts from before sizzle into the flame as you now have the task of continuing to light up the sky with your efforts. But don’t forget to enjoy the scenery of dancing flames- you composed this work of art!

Then when your time out is up, go back into your life and see how the volume of the world, the inner chaos, seems to have lessened. Then in your prime element, your world, I dare you, to keep challenging you to take those pauses. Maybe in time, you will soon realize that the control is all yours. In your hand, you have been holding the remote the whole time. You have the fierce spirit to pause, mute the world and the noise, and breathe / create/ build / do whatever the fuck it is that makes you feel comfortable back in your own skin, then hit play, continuing on to do what you do in your journey to success – however you define it!

photography credit: Tobi Dami


Davey H would love to know – How do YOU focus inward when you are feeling out of sync with yourself / your goals / your aspirations? Comment below and share your story of how you focus inward so you can share your gifts with the world around you. 

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