Grande Prairie Skylines

It has taken me a while to ween off of the safety of the automatic settings, but I am getting there. There is this irrational insecurity that blares through my head – that those who are photographers will see through the fact I don’t know what the hell I am doing and cringe at the photog-faux pas I am committing. The narrative that plays out in ones head can be quite life or death – as I am sure you may have experienced in your life, when you’ve encountered fear and kicked fear straight in the face so you can pursue what you love.

My broken foot has been a great source of learning, growing and inspiration. I am still unable to work either of my jobs, but motivated as hell to explore different ways to cultivate positivity, growth, and expansion into my life. Capturing moments of the world on stage is one way I have been accomplishing this.

In Grande Prairie, we do not have inspirational rocky mountains glazing the skyline. Nor do we have the boundless ocean to capture our attention or a majestic assortment of gems such as melodic waterfalls, wild diversity of agriculture or buildings that showcase the powerful fusing of imagination and art.

But we do have these clouds.

And, let me tell you – they are not ordinary clouds.

They are the type of clouds that can erase your thoughts, make your walking legs begin to soften into cake batter, and erase your extensive vocabulary, as you stare with an open heart and lips that exclaim “wow..!” Every sunset is a chance for atheists and agnostics alike (including myself) to question their beliefs, because only a God could paint Heaven in the sky for all to see like this.

After exploring fun edits to the colors and scenes, I have decided to leave all photographs unedited so you can experience the view as we do.

And perhaps, while you are here, I welcome you to share in the comments section, what piece of hometown beauty devours your attention each and every time.

Love, and respect. -k.p.





Photography Credit:
Davey H Productions


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  1. These are absolutely lovely!! I know what you mean by “ween off the safety of the automatic settings”… haha, yes, I had that problem too when I first got my new camera. In fact, I still haven’t used a lot of additional settings… I get caught up in the actual capturing of the picture… the subject, composition and light, and forge about the rest. I’m happy with that, and I’m slow to move on, but it seems to work okay for me.

    There are so many types of photography, I don’t know if there truly is a right or wrong photo. I’ve seen new Polaroid pictures recently, not all I’ve related to. But I’m old enough to just about remember the original Polaroids, and most of those weren’t great either, then everything moved on so vastly everyone forgot about those insta pics, never thought we see them again, but to some young photographers today, they are a piece of art… others hate them. Everyone loves and looks at photography differently. Enjoy your style and your way… I certainly think they are good… beautiful skies, like a painting!

    There’s a photographer I follow on You Tube called Sean Tucker, he’s got some interesting things to say about how he sees photography, not at all a technical boffin, but interested in light and composition and why we are drawn to take photos… just thought I’d mention him, because you might like him.


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