I have so much I want to tell you.
This past week has been life defining, and I want to share all of it with you.
Tales of fight/flight/freeze, extreme overload, stepping into my voice, quirky dreams coming true, fear busting runaways, human empowerment, meeting the guru, realizing boundaries, insights to trauma recovery, the pure joy of dance, and so much more.

I want to share all of it with you.
I do not have the creative juice to share all of it,
But soon.

I am still in the weeds of the final stretch of one hell of an explosively busy week. Full work days, with a major project for work due in two days and the endless to do lists in moving. It is the kind of week that has potential migraine trigger written all over it. So as much as I want to tell you everything, I also have to respect the brave boundaries of self care and be realistic on what I can accomplish in a week like this.

I also have to humbly accept that the desire to call myself out on my own bullshit for not owning up to my commitment of writing everyday should be met with ease. “I am doing the best I can, experiencing life as an imperfect human being.” This mantra is me working very fucking hard on developing the skill of effective energy management. Swim against the current of the river, meet resistance, tire out, drown – or-  observe the natural flow of the current, meet it with acceptance, ride the natural wave, get to your destination with ease.

So tonight, as a fumbling / messy/ work in progress human being to another:

You are doing good. 

You are doing fucking GREAT.


Take a big deep breath in.
Feel your belly expand, chest expand, rib cage expand, back expand –
Fill your body with as much fresh, cooling oxygen.

Take a big deep breath out,
Imagine you are exhaling heat to warm up your frozen hands on a winter day.
Expand the exhale, expand baby, expand.
Expand it until you feel your navel softly draw in to the direction of your spine,
Feeling the lungs depleted.

Continue this for as many rounds as you need. This bad boy deep diaphragm breath can be used throughout your day when you need to get yourself out of your head. After a few rounds of this deep breath, allow the breath to soften. Watch the breath. Inhale and exhale through the nose. Feel the rise and fall of your belly once again. Try to carry this breath with you throughout the day.

So why am I telling you this now?

From: One messy/ passionate/ self sabotaging/ imperfect human being with a hunger to create/ grow/ learn/ smash goals To: Another messy/ passionate/ self sabotaging/ imperfect human being with a hunger to create/ grow/ learn/ smash goals-

                     Make this moment work for you.
                     Use your breath to recenter yourself. 

And although I wish to tell you all the tales + insights + lessons + experiences that are sifting through my mind, I need to come back to the fundamental truth: Breath is the most important key.

You and I,
We’ve got a lot of living to do,
We’ve got a lot of conquering to do.

Breath can be the determining factor between sinking or floating effortlessly.

Let it be easy.


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