Thoughts + the Feels

Be careful if you leave your home tonight, 
The way the rain has glazed the streets across,
With nightfall accenting the traffic light’s reflection,
You might lose your heart to a stranger tonight.
– signed, whimsical daydreamer enroute home

Tonight I shuffled another load from my current home to my new home.
“I find transitions particularly triggering for my shadow self,” K. (a dear friend in my life + inspiration, and visionary) said the other day. Ahh, when someone else’s words describe the feelings you cannot fully understand. 

I find this statement to be odd, but I am exceptionally grateful that the last two weeks have been high octave stress. Stress = sympathetic nervous system in motion = fight/ flight / freeze. Pre- Calgary, prepping for a weekend immersion yoga/dance fusion training + packing + the work/teach grind = GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD. Post Calgary, feelings of uncertainty + stress, but a lower calibre + hints of emotion starting to surface. Sadness. I used to rock at change. I had the advantage of being dissociated from my own feelings and non-attached to other humans. Now, not so much. The <dis>advantage of healing/ doing the work/ learning to trust other humans is that you get attached. Dear Buddha is always my gentle reminder, that all is impermanent, except for impermanence itself.

A few things I’m grateful for?
The sound of laughter and messy chords being played on a piano. There is no greater sound than this.
The sweet, soft rain illuminating the navel path which cars and fools find their way home.
The beginning of Autumn, always, and forever – the sweetest of them all.

Goodnight dear friends,
Tomorrow play big,
Create loudly without hesitation,
Flow with non attachment,
And use your voice, without doubt.

You were meant to grow and expand.
You better start behaving like it.

Photo credit: Pexels

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