now, ask yourself:

How did the year define you?

How did you define the year?

What are you made out of?

What do you aspire towards?

What is your reoccuring dream?

What do you want?

But is it what you need?

Then, what is it that you need?

Have you befriended silence?

Have you befriended chaos?

Are you kind to your demons?

Are you kind to yourself?

Are you kind to those who trigger you?

Can you say “no”?

What do you want to say “yes” to?

Your life is your own art,
What will the creation of 2019 be?

Did you know that you are enough?


Bright festive Christmas or New Year sparkler in hand toning, showing group of friends having fun.

Stay safe dearest friends, and warm. 

May these words inspire a moment of introspection, all enroute to the path towards your highest self. If you wish to share, please, share in your most authentic way. Davey H would be honored to hear your reflections. Tag us so we may be part of your journey. 

We are all in this together, friends.

With love.

-kp/ davey h

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