day light savings

i feel ready to shed the parts of me that no longer are of service.
but how does one do that? i, filled with sorrow, wonder,
how does one out grow the parts of themself that isolate and protect?

when i immerse into the teachings of buddhism, i know i am at peace,
letting the mud settle into the depths of waters unknown,
the glimmering of light interweaving the silky surface of water.

if the dharma lessons are so powerful, why do they not linger?
when the book is in my hand, i humble bow with understanding,
but when i put the book down, the lessons of impermanence show it’s truth.

we churned the clocks ahead sixty minutes last sunday,
i feel it this year in ways i cannot remember before.
lightness is driving out depression, by gifting anxiety.

as i moved through my work day, anxiety moved too.
i once shedded her years ago by befriending stillness,
but she is back now, i am her pawn.

i dream of the human i want to be,
but even dreaming feels too exhausting.
grief, is a famished parasite.




feautured image:
photographer- Liza Curtiss Photography
mover- davey h.

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