My Heart / My Mom

My Heart, My Mom.
She is an incredible human who went through hell and back this past year.
I tried to post these pictures last night, but I just didn’t know how to caption this to match her beauty, her strength, her compassion.
So taking her advice,
I’ll keep it simple.

This is my Mom.
(Isn’t she beautiful?)

Bare with the quality of photography + editing. This is my first working with a 50 mm Canon lens, and yes- I am completely humbled by the difficulty of navigating angles & lighting. SO MUCH RESPECT to the professionals that make it look as easy as posing a model and clicking a button. My told me to keep these pictures saved on the memory card, so in years to come, I will have something to look back on how much easier portrait photography has become. I’m pretty damn grateful to have a human who is that supportive of me.

Cheers friends, love the ones close to you, just a little more today.




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