a photo collab with Brittiany G of @Britts_LittleAdventures (instagram) 


Some days,
I fear,
My heart is ice,
Beyond repair.

Freezer burn envelope,
Protecting the wounds,
But prolonging healing,
Of whole hearted living.

There are days,
I feel the fear soften,
I feel the walls unthaw,
I can feel the warmth.

It’s deceitful out there
Among thieves and pretenders,
But the wound that ruptures,
Are the replays of yesterday.

Of a life unlived.
So much potential.
Too much pride.
You predicted your early death,
So why didn’t you fight like hell
To befriend the terrors in your head?

I forgive you.
You know that, right?
And I forgive me too,
For the struggle to unthaw.

Until time guides my hand,
Into day dreams of the desert sun,
I’ll surrender to this after life,
My heart of ice and I.




IMG_4680                   IMG_4733IMG_4749           IMG_4794IMG_4841IMG_4705


IMG_4712             IMG_4968

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