(a Love Letter to) Edmonton

You meet me at the graveyard to carry me home.
You nourish me from death to life, over and over.
You wipe my tears and hold my lifeless body,
Telling me softly everything is going to be ok.

You find me shattered into pieces
Laying on the cement, blood soaked,
As you pick me up as I am too weak to support myself.
So you carry me through. 

Mending to every wound 
  of my

So gentle, 
So pure.
I feel your
In your every action.

I don’t know why we are karmically tied like this, 
You met me as a child and let me grow into an adult.
Never judging as you meet me at my rock bottoms,
Never belittling me for not handling myself better,
Nor handling me like a broken unfixable tragedy. 

You are a composer of unfinished melodies, 
And in my incompleteness, you let me be. 

You meet me at the graveyard to carry me home
You let me sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep
Holding me so tightly, I feel my bones being glued back together
Feeling so safe, that I relax into wondrous dream-state 

I fall asleep
To your lullabies.
You sing
So sweetly.

You paint for me
Tales of tomorrow.
“It gets better”, you say. 
And I believe you. 

Because of you, I forget
Of the places I’ve been
Of the graves I’ve seen
I’m here because of you. 

You carry me through. 
You carry me through. 

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