(a Love Letter to) Edmonton

You meet me at the graveyard to carry me home.You nourish me from death to life, over and over.You wipe my tears and hold my lifeless body,Telling me softly everything is going to be ok. You find me shattered into piecesLaying on the cement, blood soaked,As you pick me up as I am too weak... Continue Reading →

November Ghosts

November came, Took my by the hand, And lead me downTo the graveyard.  “you will meet love, but first you must meet loss.we are going to sit here, until the ghosts that haunt you, melt down into the snow.” I felt the tear, Roll down my cheek, And in the stillnessOf the seasons first snowfall, I understood the ache of longing.  there is... Continue Reading →

October (twin flame)

October Will always be Your month,Yours to keep.  Years will go, And you will not return, But October will always beYours to keep.  In a muted grey OctoberOn a faceless grey Sunday, Under Alberta prairie skies, You revived me back to life.  “I’ve been transferred to your soul home. I’ve been here for two months. Will you come?” You ask, hit... Continue Reading →


I should have known everything was about to changeThe way the sky painted itself with other worldly hues, a premonition.I went home to get my camera, I had a feeling..  I found myself laying on my bedroom floor, stretched out, On my tummy, my arms folded under my headIntuitively aware of all surroundings, pausing. This was not... Continue Reading →

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