I Dare You to Focus Inward

Social media is loud. The world is loud. Loneliness is loud. Sometimes, It's so loud. So loud, that your "groove", your "essence", your "it" factor melts fast. So loud, that you may feel instinct to pull away, retreat and hibernate away. So loud, that your brain is cramping up from wringing out the external stimuli.... Continue Reading →

How did you do?                               This week?                                                  This month?                ... Continue Reading →


What is your addiction? It’s okay. No one needs to know. You can let your guard down. You can be honest and truthful, bringing focus to areas you refuse to acknowledge exist. You are safe, loved, valued and protected. You can relax now. Remember, We all have them. Some are more socially acceptable than the... Continue Reading →

If you’re going through hell ..

If I could turn everything that my midnight brown eyes have observed in the past six months into a moving film clip, it would be a tornado of sensory overload laced with surreal images that would leave you wandering if you have fallen into madness. I took 3 months and traveled to India. Or how... Continue Reading →

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