Cancer Moon (A prologue to India)

i am where, i dont know. but i go, into the cold, into the night, alone.  i am miles from home reached first by car, but now i am on foot. it is winter in Alberta prairies. the white snow is muted grey, with outline of trees against black skies. i am not properly dressed, i feel burning in my finger... Continue Reading →


Be here, This time, On time. Not a minute late. Not a minute early. Wait, in The heat Until called. Be grateful you’re here, Appointments come so rare. Go now, Concrete room. Sign, please. Place your belongings Securely in the vault drop Walk through Now please. Metal detector, Brush down metal wand. Wait until you... Continue Reading →

old dream, second look.

I had this dream, A run away, To Desi tropical coast, An ashram, Bundled in the tree tops, Ocean mirage, While I immerse in yogic stance. I imagined, Bleached platinum hair hidden, Purple Hairdye That would dissolve when it was time to go. Four weeks? I liked the sound of eight weeks. In this space,... Continue Reading →

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