i had a dream once, back in twenty-fifteen,
that i would runaway to liverpool
amidst a burning internal anger.
without knowing a damn thing,
i imagined this would be the city
to channel my souls angst.

i’d show up with just enough cash,
to pick up leather + jean clothing,
ripped and torn,
with punk ambience
from a local thrift store.

i’d introduce myself as Kerri,
“but my friends call me Presslee,” i’d say with a wink.
getting a job at a local grungy tavern,
that hosts punk rock shows and the creative souls.

i’d keep my platinum hair underneath like a petty coat,
but dressing up with rebel red locks or electric blue when the mood hit.
my simple hoop nose ring would bedazzle into something wilder,
maybe painting my body in piercings and tattoos to suit the scene.

“why did you leave Canada, little goose?” they would ask.
“why wouldn’t i leave?” a response with no merit.
as i know if i tried to explain, they wouldn’t understand-
why sometimes the timid need to go dance with hungry tigers.

i’d join a punk rock band and sing each note off key.
finding a place for expression and a “no fucks given” tone.
i’d pace down the streets with scribbled lyrics and my Canon,
capturing every entanglement of liverpool rebellion.

i’d fall in love with a bartender named Arthur, he’d be my muse,
with his story inked into his skin and his art showcased city wide.
we’d drink too much, stay up too late. sunrises become our evening tea.
he’d teach me grit, fire, swagger, and creative expression.
and i’d teach him grace when it was my time to leave him.

anything goes in liverpool,
i still imagine.


photography credit: Davey H Productions / K. Presslee
                                   model: Brittiany G  // instagram – britts_littleadventures


a love note from your curator- 
   if any images or words inspire you, please feel free to share in your artistic platform + adding your creative trust, but promise to bring davey h + our co-collabators with you for the ride. tagging instagram – @daveyhproductions    facebook – Davey H Productions  + any mentioned co-creatives in their designated social media.
let’s start a riot friends. 

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