ii. london

             pt 2 of a collab with Brittiany,
(instagram: @britts_littleadventures)

paired best with part 1: liverpool


like waves of the ocean tide,
when the possessing anger
dissolved back into the sea side,
another craving stole my attention-


playful, curious, bold London,
where the driving entrepreneurs
built their destiny on historic grounds.

“if you can make it in New York,
you can make it anywhere,”
i heard them say,
but i wondered if they even tried
to push higher than the cliche? 

day dreams of london brought to me
a different type of day dream.
vintage dresses paired with gentle metallic punk.
my platinum hair would stay platinum,
dressed in soft bows and curls.

my Canon and i, we would capture the city,
nesting in streetside cafes, notebook by side.
i’d watch everyone pass by without loneliness,
knowing “he” was out there, amidst the stream.

perhaps his name would be Peter, or maybe Paul,
sweet, shy, a little too nervous, never knowing what to say,
but that’s okay, i was on new lands, i would be a little brave.

dressed in business attire, driven by a desire to quit corporate and go rogue.
i knew i would know him when i saw him,
a kind soul, a disguised tattoo or two,
imagining dark brown eyes that caught my soul afire.

i would be the adaptable poet,
in a romantic blur of people on the go.

dearest London,
i imagined,
was the sweetest of them all.


photography credit: Davey H Productions / K. Presslee
model: Brittiany G  // instagram – britts_littleadventures

a love note from your curator- 
   if any images or words inspire you, please feel free to share in your artistic platform + adding your creative trust, but promise to bring davey h + our co-collabators with you for the ride. tagging instagram – @daveyhproductions    facebook – Davey H Productions  + any mentioned co-creatives in their designated social media.
let’s start a riot friends. 

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