Stay Open

I need you to stay open,”
Whispered the moon.
I choose to ignore,
Sensing the pull,
That takes me to seclusion.

Stay brave,” she insisted,
Speaking to the broken edges,
Wishing to inspire.
But you see,
Foolish enthusiast,
You cannot out run the truths of the mind.

They taught me well.
The lessons they burned,
Venom lies,
I cannot forget.

I tried.
I really did try.

Inaction can break,
But for now it buys me time.
So in between,
Darkness and light,
I linger.

I linger.

Stay open,” I repeat gently to myself,
Reviving the wisdom of the moon.
Stay open.

“It’s safe to let the good ones in.”



photo credit: 
Pexels, Garon Parceli

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