What is your addiction?

It’s okay.
No one needs to know.
You can let your guard down.

You can be honest and truthful, bringing focus to areas you refuse to acknowledge exist. You are safe, loved, valued and protected.
You can relax now.

We all have them.
Some are more socially acceptable than the others.
Some come with professional and medical help to ease into recovery.
Some force people into isolation and hiding because of the shame it carries.

That deep rooted emotion – fear, disgust, hatred – the demons you have been holding on to –

you can breathe now, it’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with you.


Yes. That’s right.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Quite the opposite really-
The wounded battle in your mind, the damage committed that no one else knows of –
It’s a lot for one person to endure alone in silence.
Did you know how remarkable you truly are?

You are stronger than you think you are.

You have survived hell.
You are still alive.

And- it’s not over.

Sweetness, perhaps, even if just for today – you can lay down the knives slaughtering your self worth, and perhaps,

Allow yourself to relax.

                   “Observe what?”

The sound of your breath, the pictures that play in your mind, the sound of the furnace, sensations in your body.. observe and breathe.

“Then what?”

Then, be strong enough to show compassion, love and kindness towards yourself and your body.

Stop creating a plan of action, your route to recovery.
Stop reenacting the final victory.
Stop belittling yourself or your efforts.

Perhaps there is a great reason for this struggle.

Allow yourself, to muster up all the strength you possess (I know you have an abundance of it, I know you are a remarkable person) and observe deeper.

Without attachment, or judgment,
Ask yourself,
What do YOU need in this moment?

 What would bring a glimmer of peace into your soul?

A restful sleep?
A candlelight bath with essential oils?
A good laugh with friends?
A walk outdoors without chains of technology?
A fierce challenge, something to awaken your curiosity?

What do you need, RIGHT NOW?
It may be scary to explore, but what if that may be your critical turning point in your journey with addiction?
Develop the courage to observe what may bring you a little more joy in this present moment, and then follow through.

With warmth, love, compassion and understanding.

You ARE doing the best you can, given the current situation.

Maybe today you can show your strength by showing kindness to yourself.
Maybe today, you can show your courage by taking a step back to observe, unattached, so you may clearly observe what you can do to bring more joy into your present moment.
Maybe today is the day you allow yourself to find what your true self needs.
Maybe today is the day you are able to make it through, without leaning on your self destructive crutch.

Maybe today is the day you allow recovery to be easy.
I believe in you.

You can do this.

You WILL do this.

It’s not over yet. THIS is your beginning.

-kp xo

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