The Only Way Out is In

Dim lightening, scents from foreign deserts,
Smoke gifted with cleansing informal truth.
I spent years in the basement cultivating the pull to recovery.
Until I heard the urgent whisper,
 “Come into the shadows my love, its time to begin.”

It’s not that I abandoned the ambience of the rayless cove.
Sometimes the soul needs what it is not,
Sometimes the dark needs exposure to pure light.
Sometimes fools must choose to live in the light,
To understand that they are made of the darkness.

Now desire awakens me to the journey of return,
Back into the roots of where it all began.
The cultivating of truth, non-attachment and dissolution of ego.

The soul will always tell you when it is time, My soul is telling me the time is now.

Answer the pull to return to where you found home,
So you may realign into your true authentic self.

“The only way out is in.”


photo credit: Davey H Productions
The Sunset of Dharmkhot

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