Sit with it.

Feel life’s waves clashing against your soul.
The weight of emotion pooling in your chest, smothering your lungs.


Root yourself into the humble ground, feeling a warrior’s strength rippling through to the tip of your head.


With hungry eyes, look forward, facing life straight on.
Find your balance. Find your drishti. A point of focus to stabilize you.
A word. An object. A manifested dream. Focus on it.


Allow a playful smile to shine as you begin to stumble.
Failure is the stepping stone to success.
Darkness to light.
Yin to Yang.


Stay curious.
Focus inward.
Feel what life presents to you.
Great lessons are hidden in venomous discomfort.
Trust that you are here for a reason.
Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Savour it.
The good, the bad.
Detach, observe, sit with it.
And, with a gentle exhale, let it go.

– kp

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