Purr, baby purr,
Soul, so pure,
The ruminations are restless.
I hear ambition in the background,
As if it were of something of importance.

I ask of you, softly but with dire importance,
Do not fret the waves of the impermanent beat of your heart.
You may feel stranded but you are not to be left alone.

You are here.


This is a precious life you know.
Be here completely.
Yes, in the ruins of your deepest and darkest.

Create and go forth into the knowing that all is where you are manufactured to be.
Create the hum you want to serenade yourself with each day.
You know, even birds have to warm-up their melodies each morning.
You are meant for grandness and highest truth of inner alignment.

You distrust the power of your being.
You defeat in shame. Why?

It’s ok, sweetness- it’s part of your undoing, part of your resurrection.
You are the worthy being your dreams reveal you to be.

You have been seeking a place to fit in but you were born to stand out.
Do not drown in this tragedy.
Keep close the ones who allow you be display your truest imperfections.
They will hold space for you to be human.
Rob any time that is gifted to those who wish to claw your name behind your knowing.
They are poison to your veins and you are worth so much more than the whispers of what they tell you “you are”.


You are not the sum of what people think you are.
You are not what YOU THINK people think you are.
You are you.
Imperfect. Empty. Whole. Expansive. Contraction.
Duality gives depths to your intrigue.

Do not listen to the haunting of memories that tried to kill you.
You are alive and strong and able to fight back at any time
Do not lose the volume of your voice,
But please remember-
The most powerful speak with kindness.

Choose kindness.
Kindness is strength.

In this path you walk, you are not alone.

You are where you are meant to be.

You do not need to believe this to be truth.
But the moment you take this in as truth will be the moment you awaken.

“May you be free”?

No, I do not wish this of you.
You have always been free.

Time is now.





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Adobe Stock

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